Are There Remote Controls for Bromic Patio Heaters?

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There are multiple options to control your outdoor heater. From simple on/off switches to full wireless dimmable controllers, the choice is vast! With new technology such as Smart Home Automation Systems coming on to the market, it’s important to consider what controller options are available before you embark on your next outdoor living project. Let’s take a look at some of these solutions in more detail.

What Type Of Remote Controls Does Bromic Have For My Patio Heater?

  1. Bromic’s Wireless ON/OFF Controllers:
    One of the most basic options to control your patio heaters is a simple On/Off Controller. Compatible with both gas and electric heaters they can be installed directly onto the wall and operated via a simple wireless remote, which can also be wall mounted. Each controller can independently command up to two electric heaters or up to four gas heaters across two separate circuits. With a 6000 W rating, each controller is compatible with either two Tungsten 2000W, 3000W or Platinum 2300W heaters. As for the larger heaters – 3400W, 4000W and 6000W – you will need one controller per heater – but with two outputs from the controller this will allow for the heater to be operated at 50 or 100%. With the lower power requirements for gas heaters, a single controller is suitable for up to 4 heaters – with two independent outputs this allows individual control over each pair of heaters.
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  2. Bromic’s Wireless Dimmer Controllers:
    Dimmer Controllers, suitable only for Bromic’s Electric heater range, provide a lot more control over your heater as they allow you to adjust the heat and light (when available). The extent to which the heater can be dimmed will depend on the Bromic patio heater and the type of dimmer controller. For example, our Bromic Platinum and Tungsten Electric collections can be adjusted in 1% increments. Alternatively, if choosing the Eclipse Dimmer Controller (used with the Eclipse Pendant – the Eclipse Portable comes included with the controller), the heater output can be adjusted in 33% increments along with total independent control over the included LED lighting as well.

    The Dimmer Controller can handle up to 6000W of power. For example, one dimmer control unit will be enough to control two Bromic 2000W, 2300W or 3000W heaters or one 3400W, 4000W or 6000W heater. When paired with a Bromic Wireless dimmer remote, you’ll be able to control multiple Bromic patio heaters with a single remote within a 100ft or 30m range. However, please bear in mind that if you wish to independently control each of your heaters, you will need to install a separate dimmer controller per heater. With dimmer controllers you also have the option to connect a multi-channel master remote. Each remote can be programmed to allow you to control an unlimited number of Bromic patio heaters in up to 6 zones, making it invaluable for larger, commercial venues.
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  3. Smart-Heat Connect:
    For the ultimate in convenience, you also have the option to pair your heater controller with a smart home automation system. There are an increasing number of systems on the market, so it’s important to make sure your Bromic patio heater is compatible with the system you chose. Our Heater Controls can be paired to any home automation device that offers a RS232 communication connection. This includes some of the leading home automation systems on the market, such as Control 4, Crestron, Lutron, Nomad and many more. Many home automation systems will also offer a RS232 adapter as a retrofit option, so make sure you check with your system integrator beforehand. Once set up, you’ll be able to control your heaters, together with all your other devices, allow for complete control from a single device.
  4. Wireless Master Remote:
    The Wireless Master Remote allows you to control all of your Bromic electric heaters with complete ease. Compactly designed and easy to pair with our Dimmer Controllers, manage an unlimited number of heaters all from a single remote. This is a convenient solution for larger venues, offering user-programmable customization and control over an unlimited number of heaters in up to 6 groups within its 100ft or 30m range.

How Do I Use Controls with My Bromic Patio Heater?

Heater controls can be installed in any convenient location, noting that future access should be considered as well as heat dissipation as covered in the manual.

The range on the wireless remote is 100 ft or 30 meters, so as long as the control box is within this distance of the remote when operated – you will not have a problem. Additionally, the controls are suitable for outdoor installation, in which case orientation is critical, ensuring that cable glands are facing downs. The controls should never be covered, nor should they be placed in high traffic areas to prevent any potential damage.

As with all Bromic patio heater installations, it is critical that you employ a licensed technician to ensure all product requirements are met at installation and during operation. Visit our Technical Resource page to download detailed installation guidelines for all our outdoor heating controllers.

Which Controller Will Work with My Bromic Patio Heater?

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There is a wide variety of heating controls available for Bromic patio heaters. Which controller options are best suited for your project will depend on the type of heater (gas or electric), the number of heaters, how powerful they are and finally, personal preference. If you’re still not sure heating controller is right for you, get in touch with our Bromic Outdoor Heating experts and they’ll be able to advise which controls technology can be paired with your heater.