Bromic Controls

Bromic’s controls enhance the flexibility and ease of use of your outdoor heater with a full range of convenient options. Choose from simple On/Off remotes for basic functionality, opt for dimmer controls to adjust heat output precisely, or select smart home solutions for fully integrated, seamless control.

Bromic Controllers
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On/Off Controller

Bromic’s independent ‘On/Off’ outdoor heater controller will let you manage up to two electric or four gas heaters across two separate circuits from up to 100ft away via the handheld wireless remote.

Dimmer Controller

Move beyond the base-model wireless controller with the Bromic Dimmer Controller. Suitable for our electric heaters, the dimmer control provides the ability to precisely adjust the electric heat output in 1% increments, or quickly jump by 25% increments, making it an ideal outdoor heater switch for custom comfort.

Eclipse Dimmer Controller

Set up the perfect ambience with the Bromic Eclipse Dimmer Control and wireless remote. Suitable for our Eclipse Pendant and Portable series, the Bromic Eclipse Dimmer Remote can quickly dim the lighting in 1% increments and the heating output (0%, 33%, 66%, 100%) to create the perfect ambience – every time.

Master Remote

Our Bromic Master Remote is invaluable for larger venues. Offering user-programmable customization, this outdoor heater remote gives you full control over an unlimited number of heaters in up to 6 groups within its 100ft range when paired with our Dimmer Controller.

Smart-Heat Link

Pair Bromic’s heating control options with the Bromic Smart-Heat Link to create a seamless communication between Bromic outdoor heaters and your smart home controls technology. The Bromic Smart-Heat Link requires a RS232 port and is compatible with the leading home automation systems on the market, such as Control 4, Crestron. Lutron, Nomad and many more!

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Common Questions about the Bromic Controls

Explore the extensive Q&A topics about Bromic Controls below to gain valuable insights that cater to your specific outdoor heating needs. For customized assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bromic’s team of heating experts who stand ready to craft a tailored solution for your specific needs.

How can I adjust the lighting of my Bromic heater?

To adjust the lighting and heat output of your Bromic Eclipse heater, you can use the Eclipse dimmer controller, providing you with full control over the ambiance of your outdoor space.

What is the operating range of Bromic’s wireless controllers and remotes?

Bromic’s controllers are hardwired directly to the outdoor heaters, while the included wireless remote is able to operate the heater within a range of up to 100ft from the controller box.

What heaters are compatible with the Wireless Master Remote?

The Wireless Master Remote from Bromic is compatible with all of our electric heaters, as long as they are wired to a dimmer controller. This remote allows you to pair to multiple dimmer controllers to manage an unlimited amount of heaters, making it ideal for larger outdoor spaces or commercial applications.

Can the heaters be paired with automatic controls such as timers and thermostats?

Yes, this is possible via a home or building automation system. We offer the Bromic Smart-Heat Link, which can connect to a building automation system via RS232 plugin.

Can I control two heaters with the same Dimmer Remote?

You can control two heaters if they’re not exceeding 6800W (so, two 3400 Platinum Electric or two 3000W Tungsten Electric heaters). Please also note, that if two heaters are connected to a single dimmer controller, they cannot be controlled independently. To control individual heaters independently, you will need to install two separate controllers.

What products can be used with the On/Off Controller?

The Bromic On/Off Controller and remote can be paired with any Tungsten or Platinum fixed gas or electric heaters.

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