The Modern Heating Solution for Vintage Upscale Dining


Building on San Clemente’s Past

Decorated with oceanic blue accents and opulent detailing, the latest iteration of the Rare Society restaurants embraces Southern California’s incredible weather. The design places wood-fired, Santa Maria style-grilling at its heart through a series of open, bright spaces. These inviting rooms encourage flow between inside and outside. In turn, the designers wanted to create dining areas that could be used during the day and at night.

Architecture Bridging History & Modern Design

Inside, rows of lights take cues from Las Vegas alongside black marble, tufted leather booths, and a gold paneled ceiling. The two-story, 5,500 sf restaurant is gilded and inviting, creating a modern dining aesthetic juxtaposed with Spanish Colonial Revival elements. This nod to the past is seen in the wood beams, Herringbone brick floors, rounded arches, and a porch arcade.

The Challenge:

The Rare Society team wanted to create a dining experience that respected the Spanish Colonial architecture while also creating warmth and usability for spaces inside and out. The team wanted to open up the dining room to embrace San Clemente’s climate and the city’s identity as a beach town. A key part of this approach was that the solution needed to seamlessly integrate with both the existing colonial revival language and modern design inside without compromising the overall appeal across all spaces.

The Solution:

Utilizing Bromic’s Platinum Electric outdoor heaters, Rare Society found a solution that could fit in with their design without distracting from the dining experience. Bromic’s premium heaters were chosen for their sleek appearance. Complementing the restaurant’s luxurious design, the heaters were able to fit seamlessly in the semi-enclosed spaces. Controlled by hardwired on/off switches, they are easy to use throughout the day. Instead of taking away from the design integrity of the space, they added to it with elegance and clarity.

Rare Society bridges the gap between high-end and casual. In doing so, guests can move between pockets all around the restaurant, from the downstairs patio, to the bar, or to look out at the ocean views from the upper patio. Extending the use of the patio spaces throughout the winter seasons, the outdoor heaters were not only included in the plan to enhance customer comfort, but they also help increase revenue.

Nestled on Avenida Del Mar, Rare Society glows as a gold-flecked showpiece that invites customers to relax and unwind. Building upon the shared style of dining that has come to define the restaurant group, the design also marries old and new architecture. The result is a true dining destination full of character, warmth, and life.