Platinum Collection

The Ultimate in Slim-Line Design

A premium gas and electric heating solution with the perfect balance of performance, reliability, & beauty. The award-winning Platinum Smart-Heat™ Collection is specifically suited to effortlessly integrate into design-focused spaces.

Platinum Smart-Heat™
Electric Series

Made of durable 304 stainless steel, the premium, slim-line Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric series is unequivocally, the best recessed heater in the market specifically designed for the perfect architectural integration into any space.

Award Winning Design

With its low-form factor design, the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric series virtually disappears into its surroundings, creating the industry leading outdoor heating solution for any outdoor space.

Superior Technology

Composed of a fully sealed heater body, and a premium, tinted ceramic-glass fascia, these low form factor heaters spread radiant heat evenly across a large area while minimizing wind interference and unwanted light emissions.

Complete Versatility

Available in both black and white finishes, three power options (2300W, 3400W and now 4500W), voltage offerings of 208V and 220-240V, and a variety of mounting options, the Platinum Electric Collection meets an array of design needs.

Platinum Smart-Heat™
Marine Series

Made of high-quality, AISI316 stainless-steel, Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric Marine series was specifically engineered to provide superior resistance to the corrosive elements of coastal and marine environments and is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.


Low Clearance Recess Kit

The new Low Clearance Recess Kit fits seamlessly into standard ceiling joists, making it even easier to incorporate the Platinum Electric 2300W, 3400W, & 4500W heaters within remodels as well as new designs. The built-in frame allows for reduced cavity installation clearances of as low as 200mm. Ease of installation allows for complete versatility in specifying functional outdoor spaces.

Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas Series

Available in two heat outputs (23,600 BTU & 39,800 BTU), with both propane and natural gas fuel options, this high performing heater offers the optimum level of warmth for well-ventilated spaces and colder climates. The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas heater is built with premium materials spreading heat and comfort evenly across all spaces through its signature black ceramic-glass screen, providing a soft and soothing red glow.

  • Electric Accessories
  • Gas Accessories
  • Controls
Electric Accessories

Electric Accessories

The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric series can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, as well as ceiling recessed using either the Standard Recess Kit, or the new Low Clearance Recess Kit.

Gas Accessories

Gas Accessories

Mounting options include wall and six different sized ceiling mounts to ensure your heater will be suspended at the right height so it delivers the optimum amount of heat.



The Wireless On/Off Controller, Wireless Dimmer Controller, Wireless Master Remote, and Smart-Heat Link are compatible with the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Collection.

Find the Perfect Platinum Heater for your Outdoor Space

Leverage Bromic’s design team to accelerate your project plans and provide technical specification support at no extra expense.

Bromic Platinum Electric Patio Heater Wall Mounted

Our guests have been wowed by the entertainment space and impressed with the heaters. They are not obvious as the black glass helps to disguise them within the space!

JP James Peters Pangbourne, UK

Common Questions about the Platinum Collection of Heaters

Explore the extensive Q&A topics about the Platinum Collection of heaters below to gain valuable insights that cater to your specific outdoor heating needs. For customized assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bromic’s team of heating experts who stand ready to craft a tailored solution for your specific needs.

What are the differences between Bromic’s outdoor heater collections?

The primary differences between our outdoor heater collections lie in their design, performance, and features. The Platinum outdoor heater Collection is available in electric and gas options, and is known for it’s sleek, seamless and modern design. The Eclipse Collection is available wall, ceiling, and portable options, and is known for its contemporary design with dual functioning heat and light, making it an excellent choice for upscale outdoor spaces. The Tungsten Collection is available in electric, gas, and portable options, and is known for it’s high-powered industrial design style.

Are Platinum outdoor heaters weather resistant?

Yes, Bromic’s Platinum Collection of outdoor heaters are designed to be weather resistant. Available in both 304-grade stainless steel and 316 marine-grade stainless steel outdoor heater options, and a fully sealed heater body to protect internal elements. The heaters are IP certified for outdoor use, making them durable and reliable, even in various weather conditions.

Are Platinum outdoor heaters suitable for boats & yachts?

Our Platinum Electric Marine series is the ideal solution to enrich the comfort experience of owners of coastal residences and superyachts as well as guests on cruise ships.  Constructed from 316 marine-grade stainless steel and a fully enclosed heater body with an IPX5 rating, the Platinum Electric Marine heater is the first ever Lloyd’s Certified outdoor heater for marine vessel applications.

How many Platinum heaters do I need?

The number of Platinum heaters needed depends entirely on the size and layout of the space, as well as the size and wattage of the heaters you are installing. Let our heating experts create the perfect heat layout of your space by utilizing our Complimentary Design Service.

Can I leave Platinum heaters on all night?

While Bromic’s Platinum heaters are designed for extended outdoor use, it is generally not recommended to leave any outdoor heater on overnight for safety reasons. We recommend turning off the Platinum heaters when not in use and following the installation manuals for safe operation and maintenance. Afraid you will forget, check out Bromic’s control options.

How much energy do Platinum heaters consume?

The energy consumption of Platinum heaters depends on the specific model and the heat output you require. Specific energy consumption figures can be found in the product specifications for each Platinum heater model.

Do Platinum heaters need ventilation?

The Platinum Electric and Platinum Marine heater series are electric heaters, which do not require ventilation as there are no harmful biproducts such as gasses released into the air. Bromic’s Platinum Gas heater does require ventilation as potentially harmful biproducts are released in the air. Please refer to the corresponding Installation Manual to ensure proper clearances are met for safe operation. 

What mounting options does the Platinum Collection offer?

Available in wall, ceiling and flush-mounted (also know as recessed) mounting options, the Platinum Collection meets an array of design needs.

Can I use Platinum heaters in an enclosed area?

The Platinum Electric and Platinum Electric Marine outdoor heaters can be used in enclosed patios as they require no ventilation. The Platinum Gas outdoor heaters must be installed in open outdoor areas to ensure proper ventilation. Please refer to the corresponding Installation Manual to ensure proper clearances are met for safe operation.

What are the clearance requirements for Platinum outdoor heaters?

Consult the product installation manuals for specific clearance requirements, as these guidelines are crucial for safe and efficient operation. Generally, proper clearances are necessary to prevent hazards, ensure safety, and maintain the longevity of the heaters.