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Wireless Dimmer Controller

Switch on. Go wireless! Bromic Smart-Heat Controllers make the use of your outdoor heaters simple. Our controllers are designed to be easy to install, compact and provide ample range on our wireless signal, giving you total control of your heater.

Wireless Dimmer Controller

$1,232.00 Includes GST

Move beyond the base-model with our Bromic Heating Wireless Dimmer Controller. With our Dimmer Control and wireless 7-Channel remote, you’ll be able to precisely adjust the output of your electric heaters in 1% increments, or quickly jump by 25% increments for perfect comfort and complete flexibility from up to 30m away.

The remote can be kept separate or easily mounted with the included double-sided adhesive or screws. Each dimmer controls one 3400W heater at 240VAC or two 2300W heaters at 240VAC and has a capacity of 6000W.



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What products are compatible with the Dimmer Controller?

The Dimmer Controller can be used with our Tungsten Electric and our Platinum Electric Collections. For the Eclipse Collection, please refer to our Eclipse Dimmer Controller.

Can I control two heaters with the same Dimmer Remote?

You can control two heaters if they’re not exceeding 6000W (so, one 3400 Platinum Electric or two 2300W Tungsten Electric heaters). Please also note, that if two heaters are connected to a single dimmer controller, they cannot be controlled independently. To control individual heaters independently, you will need to install two separate controllers.