How Outdoor Heating Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

Architects and designers have long understood the untapped potential of outdoor spaces. Yet, the key to unlocking their full potential often lies in the subtle details, especially when it comes to extending these areas’ functionality beyond the conventional limits. One such detail that can significantly enhance these spaces during a new build or outdoor living remodel is outdoor heating—a feature that not only extends the usability of these areas but also transforms them into exceptional, year-round retreats.

“Designing a luxurious outdoor space is a comprehensive process, no matter the project’s complexity. Everything included in the space needs to work as one from the design language perspective, to make it truly breathtaking,” says Danny Wang, Principal Designer of Danny Wang Design and Build. He continues, “When it comes to outdoor appliances, and even something as simple as outdoor heaters, it’s important to consider how these elements contribute to the overall design.”

Let’s explore the transformative power of outdoor heating and the many benefits it can bring to your patio.

Outdoor Electric heaters ceiling mounted pool patio
Adding outdoor heaters to your space can extend the functionality of the space, unlocking its full potential for utilization.

The Magic of Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating introduces a warm, welcoming ambiance, expanding the usage of these spaces across all seasons. However, conventional heaters often disrupt the meticulously crafted aesthetics of a luxurious outdoor setting, a concern highlighted by Wang.

“Outdoor heaters are an essential part to any outdoor space ensuring year-round comfort and usability, especially during the winter. But there’s one big problem”, says Wang. “Traditional outdoor heaters are a bit of an eyesore. Why bother putting so much emphasis when designing such a luxurious space, only to ruin it with clunky, standing patio heaters?”

Adding an outdoor fire feature such as a firepit or fireplace might seem like the right solution to add heat while removing the clunky outdoor heater, but this method of heat is not as effective in providing the warmth and comfort needed to be able to utilize the space year-round. “Wood burning solutions are functional and affordable, but really only function as ambiance rather than an effective heating solution,” says Wang.

So, what would be considered the right solution to transform this space into something both functional and aesthetically pleasing? Wang highlights two of Bromic’s standout collections—the Platinum and the Eclipse. The Platinum Electric series, with its minimalist design and stylish mounting options, seamlessly integrates into outdoor settings. Meanwhile, the Eclipse Collection, with its movable base and integrated ambient lighting, not only provides warmth but also creates an inviting ambiance.

“The minimalist design [of the Platinum Electric series] allows it to both blend-in seamlessly within outdoor spaces or become a centrepiece of its own with various stylish mounting options.” Wang continues, “the Eclipse Collection’s design can be placed on a chic, movable base that can hang directly over gathering areas. Another great feature of the Eclipse is the integrated light that can provide warm and soft ambient light for your outdoor spaces making them feel inviting and intimate.”

“I have been working with Bromic’s line of contemporary outdoor heaters on several projects and have been astounded with not only how well they heat up spaces, but also how neatly they integrate without drawing too much attention,” says Wang. “These [heaters] have become an easy recommendation for my clients that want to ensure comfort and usability in their backyards.”

The Platinum Electric heater series blends seamlessly within outdoor spaces and can even be recessed within louvered pergolas with the Low Clearance Recess Kit.

Residential Outdoor Transformations: Expanding Living Spaces

Architects and designers specializing in residential outdoor designs understand that transforming these spaces extends beyond just heating solutions. It involves a holistic approach that encompasses comfort, aesthetics, and durability.

Transforming your outdoor area into a functional extension of your home’s living space allows you to create intimate, inviting settings for relaxation and social gatherings. By taking into consideration the climate and weather conditions, and by strategically placing outdoor heaters, incorporating weather-resistant textiles, and integrating ambient lighting, you can create cozy outdoor living rooms and dining areas that beckon comfort and style.

“Another aspect I always think about with the products I recommend to clients is how long the products last,” says Wang. “Anything outdoor is subject to the elements, and with projects across the country, I have to think about different climates and weather conditions for each project.”

Moreover, these outdoor spaces can be elevated by incorporating elegant outdoor heaters, carefully positioned fire pits, and cozy lounging areas. Integrating outdoor kitchens seamlessly extends indoor living to the outdoors, effectively expanding the functional footprint of the space.

Adding sleek accessories and appliances to your outdoor living space creates a functional space that can be enjoyed year-round.

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Experience

“When it comes to designing the ultimate outdoor living space, choosing sleek accessories and appliances is a must,” concludes Wang.

Outdoor heating, especially with Bromic’s Heater Collections, holds the transformative power to create functional, inviting spaces that transcend seasonal limitations. Accessing cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship through Bromic redefines outdoor heating solutions, empowering architects and designers to create outdoor spaces that resonate with luxury, comfort, and year-round usability.

Watch Danny Wang’s latest video on transforming outdoor spaces with heaters, here: