Desert Mirage: Blurring the Lines Between Home and Nature


Situated in the vast Sonoran Desert of Arizona lies the city of Scottsdale, framed by the grand McDowell Mountains. This luxe city is known for its spa resorts and golf courses, serving as an inspiring backdrop influencing much of the region’s architectural landscape.

As seen on Dwell, The Modern Sunset House, a collaborative project by AFT Construction, Cosan Studio, and Alisha Taylor Interiors, pays homage to Arizona’s Desert landscape by blending architecture and nature from indoor to outdoor spaces. Featuring the Bromic Eclipse heater, this design ensures that exterior spaces remain inviting and functional throughout the year.

“We really wanted to bring the outside in and maximize space,” explains Bradley Leavitt, founder of AFT Construction. “The clients are here throughout fall, winter, and spring and they entertain frequently and spend a lot of time outside.”

Bradley Leavitt, founder of AFT Construction, highlights the aim of integrating the outdoors into the living experience, catering to the clients’ penchant for outdoor living and entertainment. The design centers around creating expansive living areas both indoors and outdoors, offering breathtaking views of the mountains and city lights.

The Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric Portable heater was chosen for its style and functional flexibility, seamlessly blending with the home’s modern aesthetic. Its sleek design and integrated dimmable LED light provide warmth and ambiance, enhancing outdoor gatherings during colder nights.

“The residents wanted convenience and luxury,” says Leavitt. “They absolutely love the Bromic Eclipse—it’s one of their favorite features. Now, they can sit out late into the evening with friends and family and optimize the outdoor seating for long into the evening. They have been using it every night!”

The Eclipse’s flexibility allows for easy relocation across the patio, complementing other outdoor features like fire pits and linear fireplaces. Using infrared heat, its innovative heat technology ensures optimal performance and efficiency, extending the usability of outdoor spaces.

“The Smart-Heat Electric Portable heater offers warmth and light during the cold winter months, and the sleek style matches the modern architecture,” says Leavitt. “The ability to adjust and easily move it makes it convenient, and the added light function means it’s possible to create a customized ambiance when entertaining.”

Large expanses of glazing and glass hallways invite the desert landscape indoors, creating a dynamic interplay between nature and architecture that evolves with the changing seasons. The Bromic Eclipse heater emerges as a beloved feature, providing comfort and luxury for the residents as they enjoy evenings with loved ones under the desert sky.