Eclipse Electric & Tungsten Electric Bromic PinkHill

Eclipse Electric and Tungsten Electric at Pink Hill Hotel


Located in Beaconsfield, Australia, lies Pink Hill Hotel, a newly constructed live entertainment venue and local pub where you can catch-up with friends over cocktails, dine on modern Australian food, see the latest bands, or watch your favorite live sports. Complete with a variety of different new function rooms and outdoor terraces, the Pink Hill Hotel is the ultimate destination for parties, special occasions or a simple night out.

To enhance the experience for visitors and allow for the enjoyment of the outdoor spaces during the colder months, the pub sought out a heating solution that wouldn’t compromise the unique ambiance, but instead, add to it. To accomplish this, they reached out to Bromic’s Heating Experts for a thoughtful and efficient heat layout across their space. Given the large space and different rooms with varying functionalities, both the Tungsten and Eclipse Electric heaters were specified.

After evaluation of the spaces’ plans and images, Matt Kelman, Commercial Sales Manager at Bromic recommended the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric and Tungsten Smart-HeatTM Electric outdoor heaters as the most efficient solutions.

Matt Kelman, Commercial Sales Manager of Bromic’s Australian office, explains the process and thought that went into their decision, “the site offered several challenges – high ceilings, operable ceilings where we could only use certain parts of the structure and angling heat towards the patrons and feature walls that heaters could not impact patrons views of.” Kelman continues, “the Eclipse Pendant was chosen for the higher fixed ceiling area – This unit could be positioned above patrons and provide a heating and light solution. The smaller sized Eclipse Pendant also did not affect the views of the feature wall.”

For more of an industrial feel, the Tungsten Electric heaters were installed, providing high heat output across the larger space. Due to the high ceilings, the 3 ft (1200mm) installation pole was recommended, suspending the heaters down within clearance to provide proper heat to the space.

In the more contemporary spaces of the pub, such as the modern dining area, the Eclipse Electric heaters were installed, providing dual-functioning heat and light for spot heating over tables, providing the ultimate in comfort and ambiance. Like the spaces where the Tungsten Electric heaters are installed, the Eclipse 24-inch (600mm) Twin Pole and a custom fabricated pole were used to ceiling mount the Eclipse Heaters for optimal heat output.

With the built-in Eclipse Dimmer Controller, setting the mood and comfort level, creating a unique experience for every guest, is as easy as the click of a button. The staff can choose from three built-in heat and light presets, ultimately providing the right amount of heat and ambiance for every guest’s specific needs.

Kelman concludes that, “in the area with the operable roof, a heater was needed that could provide a heat that would work in Melbourne’s winter and that could be positioned on structural beams and angled towards patrons – this was why the Tungsten Electric was chosen.”