Courtney Thompson Tungsten Heaters

From Gut Renovation to Outdoor Bliss: How Bromic’s Tungsten Heaters Redefined Comfort for This New Jersey Home


In the heart of a serene suburban setting in New Jersey lies a beautiful 1960s colonial home that was due for a gut renovation of the first floor. Homeowner Courtney Saib wanted to specifically remodel two spaces of the home that take center stage when it comes to gathering with friends and family, including the interior kitchen, and the outdoor living space. A testament to modern comfort and thoughtful design, the comprehensive renovation of the first floor reimagined the layout and now boasts a screened-in porch including both an outdoor lounging and dining area.

Situated in New Jersey, the home experiences diverse weather patterns, from freezing winters to scorching summers. Despite the elements, the outdoor area remains a cherished retreat, frequented throughout the year so it needed a solution that would keep its occupants warm. The core question: became how to heat a screened-in porch? Although a traditional fireplace was included in the space, knowing that this piece would be more for ambiance and comfort and a true heating solution was required, the next question that arose was what’s the best outdoor heater for screened in porches?

Courtney Thompson Tungsten Heaters

Integral to this transformation were two black Tungsten Electric 4000w heaters, strategically placed by Bromic Heating’s expert team and installed by Courtney’s architect and designer to provide heating for her screened-in porch. The Bromic heaters enable year-round enjoyment, with daily use during spring and fall, and cozy gatherings even on the coldest winter nights, extending the porch’s usability beyond expectations.

“This was my first-time purchasing and installing a Bromic product, and I couldn’t be happier,” says Courtney.

The decision to choose Bromic stemmed from stellar reviews and the heaters’ high-powered radiant heat, perfect for the chilly New Jersey winters, fitting seamlessly into the homeowner’s vision for their outdoor oasis.

Central to the success of the project was Bromic’s complimentary design service, spearheaded by Bromic’s Outdoor Heating Specialists. Through meticulous planning and coordination, Bromic worked closely with the homeowner, architect, builder, and electrician to devise a tailored heating solution.

“Originally, our layout plan was to have 3 heaters lining the 3 walls of our structure, but once we spoke with the Bromic Specialist, they said that it was actually going to be too much heat for the square footage that we had, so we ended up doing 2 heaters instead and they provide ample heat for both our seating area and our dining area,” states Courtney.
The expertise of Bromic’s Outdoor Heating Specialists proved invaluable in overcoming obstacles such as screen proximity and ensuring optimal heat distribution without overwhelming the space.

“We opted for ceiling mounted suspension poles because we needed the heaters to be above the metal screens but also facing downwards to project heat upon us,” says Courtney.

Courtney Thompson Tungsten Heaters

Ease of use is paramount, and the Bromic heaters deliver on this front effortlessly. With a simple push of a button on the Dimmer Controller, the heaters spring to life, providing almost instant warmth and comfort.

“I love that you can dim the temperature so if someone is colder on [one] side of the room, we can crank it to the highest level, [and] if someone runs hot over on [the other side] of the room, we can put it down to the lowest level.”

Courtney praises their effectiveness compared to alternative heating options, highlighting the seamless operation and quick response. Guests echo this sentiment, marveling at the heaters’ performance and sleek aesthetics.

“Our outdoor porch has become a huge part of our families home,” concludes Courtney. “It is our outdoor living space where my kids hangout, my husband watches football on Sundays, [and] I come out here and work at the table or on the couch. It is an epicenter of action, all day long.”

In the journey to elevate outdoor living, Bromic Heating’s Tungsten Electric outdoor heaters emerge as indispensable companions. Through collaborative design, efficient operation, and unparalleled performance, these heaters redefine comfort and extend the boundaries of outdoor enjoyment. For Courtney, the decision to invest in Bromic proves not only practical but also deeply rewarding, enhancing the home’s appeal, and fostering year-round appreciation of outdoor living spaces.